Vintage Navajo size 11 Thunderbird ring with more recent No. 8 Mine turquoise. #1627

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For all those thousands of people through the years wanting something with the Native American Thunderbird, we are setting this bird free (for a small fee!).  The thunderbird symbol is probably regarded as the most powerful of spirits, and offers strength, protection and power.  The Drifter acquired it many years ago; wore it, and eventually replaced the old craggy original stone with this sharp No. 8 Mine turquoise stone.  But through the years the silver must have shrank and it no longer fits.  It's quite easy to wear, as it is not heavy (11.5-grams, or .40-ounces) nor cumbersome, and it just looks so damn good on.  It has a fairly narrow band at the bottom, which causes it to fit nicely into the crease between the finger and the hand.  So even though the Drifter's ring size is normally 12, it still fit (well, until the ring 'shrunk,' that is!).  So, it would be safe to say that a person with a ll.5 or 12 could likely wear this ring.  If you buy it and it doesn't fit you can return it for full refund.  You won't want to, though.  It is stamped "Sterling" but can't make out a hallmark.  The maker surely made it to wear personally—not to sell. It has been resized once prior as evidenced by a little welded silver at the very bottom of the band.  If you buy this little treasure the USPS Priority shipping is complimentary within the U.S.