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Vintage Navajo squash blossom with actual branch coral.



This squash is older than the Drifter's first wife.  And about as colorful as well.  This aged beauty—the squash blossom, not the ex-wife—is big, elaborate and expensive.  It contains 18 pieces of real branch coral.  Coral is dying-off worldwide and current prices of what little is left on the shelves has hit the roof.  The Drifter acquired this from a customer.  She was left the piece after a death of a family member who had bought it near Farmington, New Mexico many  decades earlier.   "I don't know why she bought this and held onto it for so long," she said.  I do.  End-to-end it's a little over 30-inches.  It's hard to get these big, elaborate squash blossoms on a gram scale, but suffice to say it is made from thick-gauge silver and is substantial.  There's a reason Mercedes-Benz motorcars are heavy.  It's hard to put a true value on a unique piece like this, but it's priced very reasonable for what it represents.  They are not making any more like this one.