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  • Vintage signed Tommy Singer silver buckle for Display Only—Not For Sale.


    This old buckle was made when Tommy Singer was around 34 years-old and is NOT FOR SALE.  The Drifter has been wearing it since the mid-seventies—about as long as he has been trading with the Dine' (meaning "the people"—the name by which the Navajo identify themselves.  The term "Navajo," meaning "place of large planted fields," originated from Tewa Pueblo).   This buckle is the only thing in the Drifter's life—other than his easy-going temperament-- that he has ever kept for this long.  When the Drifter met Tommy Singer for the first time, Mr. Singer asked to see this buckle.  He held it is his hands, turning it over and over for awhile, then he said, "I remember making this buckle.  When I made this buckle silver was three dollars an ounce!"  Well, it's been a long time since then and unfortunately, Mr. Singer is not around to make another.  The edges of the silver of this double-overlay piece are hand-rolled—like Samurai swords—not stamped (he later produced a thinner, lighter stamped version of this same classic Singer design. This is the original from whence the later version was taken).  It is heavy—approaching a quarter of a pound.  This was a hands-on piece from an era where a younger Tommy Singer made every single piece himself—without delegating portions of the work to his family members.  It is placed on this site for your pleasure in order to see some of the best of the legend and eternal friend of the Drifter, Tommy Singer.        Second pic is by the Drifter of Mr. Singer standing beside his motorcycle on August 4th, 2013.  Tommy was on his way to Sturgis, South Dakota for the annual motorcycle rally there.  Mr. Singer was a member of the Navajo Patriot Honor Guards—an organization of motorcycle riders who go to funerals of fallen soldiers to shield the families from harassment from a religious group who show-up at soldiers' funerals and attempt to disrupt the burial.  While in Sturgis, Tommy Singer contracted with a Harley-Davidson dealer from Las Vegas, Nevada to make signature Tommy Singer jewelry with the Harley Davidson logo on each piece.  Mr. Singer worked through the winter making the order, and on May 31st, 2014, was delivering that finished jewelry on the motorcycle pictured above when he ran off the road and, unfortunately, passed-over.