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Sterling cluster pawn cuff with 77 pieces of real—not "block"—Sleeping Beauty turquoise.—SOLD!

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SOLD!  With the overwhelming amount of cluster cuffs now containing compressed, "block," turquoise, it's good to know there are still cuffs out there with real stones. With 77 pieces of actual turquoise stones—all perfect Sleeping Beauty turquoise—and with exquisite silverwork, this older pawn cuff is a work of art. The stones were never "stabilized," which is a common practice now in order to keep the stones from changing to a greener hue in time.  It is 6.75-inches total wrist circumference, including the "gap" in the cuff. Weight is 3.35-ounces, and is hallmarked "JSW."  It is a fine example of the classic pedi-point design.  Pieces like this are rapidly disappearing.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.