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    "High Plains Jewelry" is the web presence of High Plains Drifter, Indian Trader, winner of the "Best Display" award in the New Mexico State Fair (1991 and 1992), and "Best of Show" in the Chisholm Trail Roundup/Comanche Pow-Wow at the Fort Worth Stockyards (1994), as well as displaying for many years at Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo; the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and many other rodeos and events. 
     The Drifter's clients range from Hollywood types to working men and women everywhere who share an appreciation of this most-American of art forms.  Since 1976, he has traded with Native Americans in New Mexico and Arizona.  He's also found time to work as a journalist, and later as an attorney.  But the allure of the American West and its native people have always captivated the Drifter—drawing him back there time-after-time.
    Now he lives the good life—roaming back roads of Navajoland and Zuni with his Fido friend—continuing a tradition as a trader that dates back through the ages.  The Drifter is old-school, preferring classic, traditional Native-American jewelry—made sturdy and with a substantial "feel"—not adhering to trends.  If Native Americans don't wear it, you won't find it here.
    Each item is personally "hand-picked." This practice enables us to offer unique and prized pieces.  No telephone, catalogue or internet-acquired things will do. 
    But these prized, authentic southwestern Native American pieces are quickly disappearing—going to collections both here and abroad, and thankfully, and in many cases now, being kept by Native Americans themselves.  Unfortunately, this unique jewelry is not being replaced at the same rate as it is disappearing.   Even more unfortunately, attempts at duplicating it offshore are increasing as well. 
    "High Plains Jewelry" is the David of the many Goliath's one finds on the world-wide web.  The selection here is small but grandand ever-changing.
    The discerning collector will be pleased.