I have been trying to form a fair return “policy” for about 44-years.  Basically, if it doesn’t fit or if it doesn’t match-up to the description, you may return it for a full refund (you pay return shipping); if it did not fit and you bent it trying to make it fit it is no longer returnable.  If you keep it for a week or two and decide you don’t like it, then it is not returnable.  Thus you need to decide within a week and get it postmarked.  I’m easy to work with, though, to accommodate days when the post office isn’t open.  Also the item must always be in the same condition as received.  For reference, a photo or two of most items is taken just before putting the item in the box to ship.
    My goal is to make the customer happy and proud to wear a piece from High Plains Jewelry—and to tell others about us.  It is not our goal to get your money and leave you unhappy.  I cringe when reading a seller's proclaimation: “All sales final, no returns.”  I wouldn’t buy anything from that seller.  Why would anybody?  And what are they not telling you?
    We simply do not get many returns, so it has never been much of a problem.  Lately however, a few people have confused "purchasing" with ordering with the goal of trying it on to see if they like it.  We simply don't need customers of such ilk. 
     Our repeat customers become our “clients,” and trust that they will make thoughtful choices not based on whims.  We do ask that when buying a cuff, one first ascertain his or her's total wrist circumference—measured around the wristbone.  That measurement will correspond with the published total circumference of a cuff—resulting in a perfect fit.