Our Return Policy has changed. Please acquaint yourself with the changes prior to purchase.  For over 40-years, we've had a very liberal return policy, which perhaps—in itself—has led to abuse.  Refunds are now discontinued except for defects.  We screen for defects however, and photograph each piece as it is being packed for shipment. And thus far, we've had zero items damaged in shipment.  If a customer is dissatisfied with his or her choice, that customer may elect a single return of an item in the same condition as it was shipped via USPS Priority box, within 10-days of receiving it for credit toward another item(s) in our stock.  The replacement item itself does not qualify for return.  Customer pays for return shipping via the above-described method. In the unlikely event an item is damaged in shipment we shall attempt to replace or repair, or the customer may simply select credit toward another item(s).  But we've found the most common reason for returns is the customer choosing a cuff or a ring that does not fit.  In the description of the piece, we furnish a very accurate and detailed description of the size.  The type of heavier-gauge Sterling cuffs which we specialize-in are simply NOT 'one size fits all.'  Customers should measure their total wrist circumference—around the wristbone—prior to purchase.  All measurements we provide include the "gap" in the cuff.  If a customer's total wrist circumference is 6.5-inches, a cuff described here as 6.5 or 6 and 5/8th's total circumference will fit like a comfortable glove.  If a cuff is described here as 6.5-inches, it will NOT fit a person with a 6-inch, or a 7-inch, wrist circumference.  Be realistic, and measure before you buy, not after it is shipped.  And, the customer should also know his or her accurate ring size prior to ordering. 
     Our goal has always been—and still is—to make the customer happy.   Some of you have been our customers for decades and know we sincerely endeavor to provide you with high quality Native American jewelry of which you will be proud to own and wear.  We want to make you happy with your purchase.  That will never change.