• 14-stone slightly older Navajo turquoise row cuff, by Irene Chiquito. SOLD! #2148

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    SOLD!  Talk about a bargain, this is another pre-owned cuff we acquired a few years back that we've been trying to hold on to 'til we see if the market settles down from the rise in prices that has been going-on for awhile now.  This cuff is likely ten to twenty years old. As the Drifter is prone to do, the dark tarnish has been cleaned-off somewhat to reveal it's original zest.  If you like your Sterling dark and gloomy just set it on your covered patio for a week (unless you live in a dry, desert climate!).  The turquoise looks to be Sleeping Beauty, but we veer from stipulating for sure on older pieces.  The Sterling is not as thick as we prefer, but it's thicker than some of the new things being marketed today.  Total wrist circumference—including the gap—for this pretty cuff is 6.5-inches.  We highly, highly suggest not bending cuffs to make them fit.  When you alter the curvature of the cuff, you disturb the integrity of all those stone settings—which can result in losing a stone.  Just buy the right size for your wrist instead.  This beauty will perfectly fit a person with a wrist circumference (measured around the wristbone) of 6.5-inches—give or take a 16th, or maybe 1/8th-inches.  Measure twice; buy once.  It is uniformly an inch wide, and it weighs 35.6-grams, or 1.26-ounces.  Hallmarked "IC."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S