15-stone (each) turquoise chandeliers by Navajo artisan Sylvia Chee. #2361a

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Whoa!  Grab some moxie and wear these beauties to a Christmas parade—or anywhere you like.  They'll shimmer and glisten and light-up a room.  Not counting the hangers, they are 2.5-inches long.  They are one-inch across at the widest part.  'Hard to be humble wearing 'em.  The turquoise has the appearance of being Sleeping Beauty, but due to the expense of turquoise from that closed mine Chee likely chose a pure blue strain of Kingman, Arizona turquoise.  Each earring weighs 4.7-grams, or .16-ounces.  'Don't see a hallmark, but there is little space to stamp one.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.