• 16-stone Navajo cluster pendant w/Sleeping Beauty turquoise, by Kenneth Jones (beads optional). #2186

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    Note: No chain is included with this pendant, but the pictured 6mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling silver 'Navajo pearl' bead chain is optional for an additional $110 if purchased at the same time as the pendant.  Call or text prior to purchasing and the optional bead chain can be added for a total price of $479 for the pendant AND the bead chain.

    This is a superb Navajo cluster pendant with nice turquoise from a mine that closed in 2012.  Sleeping Beauty Mine stones, when they can be bought, have become very expensive.  For a long time Sleeping Beauty turquoise was sort of the "go-to" turquoise for Native American jewelry makers—especially those from Zuni Pueblo.  Here you can see why.  Sleeping Beauty has a luscious blue color, and, at one time because of its proliferation, Sleeping Beauty turquoise was very affordable.  This is a fairly large pendant at two-inches long—not counting the half-inch inside diameter bale.  Width is 1.5-inches at its widest.  Weight of the pendant is 19.5-grams, or .68-ounces.  Hallmarked with two crossed arrows.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.