18-stone older Navajo turquoise cuff. #1650

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If I had a shop that I wanted to advertise on a billboard along Interstate 40 in New Mexico or Arizona, and I wanted an image that encapsulates what Native American jewelry is all about, this might be the image of choice.  This older pawn cuff is about as traditional; as classic, as indicative of Navajo jewelry-making as it gets.  A blast from the past.  This cuff was tarnished almost black before taking one Connoisseurs Jewelry Wipe to it.  One can refresh the Sterling and clean the stones a bit, and it emerges like a Phoenix from the ashes.  This cuff requires a bit larger wrist size. The total inside circumference—including the 'gap,' is seven-inches even.  We may able to shape if very slightly PRIOR TO SHIPPING, but a wrist circumference of 6 and 7/8th's to about a 7 and 1/8th is the target wrist size.  Respect the piece and shop for something else it you don't fall into that size category.  Measure twice; buy once.  This beauty weighs 73.2-grams, or 2.55-ounces.  It is hallmarked "T." The 18 older turquoise stones have changed hue with age and gotten a little greener.  Best guess is old Sleeping Beauty turquoise—as older, non-stabilized Sleeping Beauty will take-on a greener hue.  It's a beauty folks.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.