• Aaron Toadlena' trophy Navajo cluster cuff with premium Kingman turquoise. #2330

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    The plan was to post this masterpiece before Christmas, but we just had to gaze upon it and caress it a bit longer.  'Makes me want to get skinny so it will fit.  What are the odds?  The total inside circumference of this trophy cuff is 6.75-inches—including the one-inch gap.  Thus, the lucky Cinderella, or Cinderfeller, needs to have a wrist circumference (measured around the wrist bone) of roughly the same—6 and 3/4th's-inches.  You can fudge an eighth-inch either way and it will still fit, but no more than that. Aaron Toadlena meant for this cuff to be the size it is.  He made it too strong and too substantial to alter the size/shape, so don't even consider doing-so.  This baby comes-in at 245-grams, or 8.6-ounces!  Serious stuff.  And Aaron Toadlena is a serious Dine' artisan.  He's the Drifter's kind of artisan.  Toadlena, originally from Fort Defiance, Arizona, makes 'traditional' jewelry—not modern-looking, lightweight tourist-industry things.  He chooses finer stones and pretty-much relegates his efforts into making very high-end pieces.  This cuff would likely be in the $4,500 to $5,000 range elsewhere.  The face of this beauty is 3.5-inches long, and a little over 2.5-inches wide.  The thick-gauge Sterling is 2 and 3/8th's-inches on the side, tapering down to 1.5-inches at each terminus.  The fifteen turquoise stones are expensive water-web Kingman Mine. Hallmarked "Aaron Toadlena" and stamped "925." The 'wow' factor of this cuff is as high as anything we own.  Nice, very, ve-ry nice.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.