• All-Sterling cattleman-type Navajo belt buckle by Bilson Kinsel. SOLD! #1908

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    SOLD!  The maker of this buckle is a descendant of a Navajo Code Talker.  John Kinsel, Sr. served in the Pacific theater in World War II—including on Iwo Jima—as a U.S. Marine Code Talker.  He became a jewelry maker after the war, as did many of his descendants—including Bilson.  This buckle required lots of expertise to make. It is solid Sterling—not plated. And, it is made convex, or rounded outward, which gives it more of a dimensional appearance than if it were flat.  Don't mistake it for being cast, as it actually crisp overlay—where all the tapestry designs and the steer were cut-out and overlaid onto the base portion.   It covers a lot of real estate at 3 and 7/8th's-inches wide, and a hair over three-inches tall.  Besides the Navajo tapestry-type designs, it has a big 'ol steer camping-out in the center. We assume it's a prize-winning steer.  Weight is 72.1-grams, or 2.54-ounces.  It will handle a belt up to 1.75-inches wide.  Hallmarked "BK."  Just is time for the start of the world's oldest indoor rodeo in Fort Worth.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping.