Large teardrop-shaped Kingman turquoise Navajo pendant. by Augustine Largo. SOLD #2320a

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Note:  The pictured 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling bead chain (a.k.a. as 'Navajo pearls') is optional at $155-additional if bought at the same time as the pendant.  To exercise this option call or text prior to purchase and we can change the price above to reflect the addition of the pictured bead chain.                                                                        

SOLD!  Not counting the large, 5/8th's-inch inside diameter hand-stamped bale, this pendant is a hair shy of three-inches long.  She's a tall drink 'o water.  It's a full two-inches across near the bottom.  Careful, it may suck all the air outta' the room!  Augustine has made many splendid squash-blossom necklaces for the Drifter, and his exquisite attention to detail is on display here as well.  He chose the turquoise as well, and made an excellent choice at that.  The colorful Kingman turquoise cab is a beautiful, pure blue with delicate lacing of copper throughout.  The pendant weighs 56.7-grams, or two-ounces.  Hallmarked "AL."  It's a nice one!  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.