Burnished Sterling bead (aka Navajo 'pearl') earrings. #2393a

These are a little different from the one's we usually offer (but sold-out of) in that they are not round, but sort-of flying saucer shaped, except the beads are almost as tall as they are wide (but not quite).  The dimension creates a more striking appearance, actually.  And they are burnished, but a bit more lightly-so.  These beauties were a little hard to find on our December buying trip, but we snared a half-dozen.  Not counting any part of the hanger, length is 2 and 9/16th's-inches, and the beads average 9/16th's-inches wide and almost a half-inch tall.  Each earring weighs 4.6-grams, or .16-ounces.  Nice.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.