Calvin Martinez' Navajo cluster cuff with old No. 8 Mine turquoise. #1706

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'Like to have a half-dozen like this, but that's not how we roll.  This is the only one—like most of our offerings.  The lucky Cinderella whom this will fit needs about a 6.5-inch total wrist circumference.  It's wide frame is made with thick-gauge Sterling and won't lend well to shaping.  So, someone with a little over 6.25-inch wrist to maybe a 6 and 5/8th's is a perfect candidate for this trophy.  We'd rather you buy to fit instead of us selling something that will be an ill-fit.  Measure twice; buy once.  At 94-grams (or 3.31-ounces), this is not a lightweight, thin-gauge cuff like those you see all-to-often now.  And it's made by Calvin Martinez, son to Lean Martinez and brother to Jesse Martinez.  Calvin; Jesse and their father are all esteemed Navajo silversmiths.  It is hallmarked with a "C. MTZ" set inside a stamped arrowhead.  We have complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S., and are currently shipping same-day if ordered by noon weekdays (but that will likely change to next-day soon.