• Calvin Martinez" solid Sterling silver Navajo Naja (shown with optional Sterling 'pearl" bead chain). SOLD! #2308

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    SOLD!  A Naja is the end-piece to a squash-blossom, but is often worn by itself as well.  Some of the ill-informed call it a 'horseshoe'—which it is not.  The story I've been told for decades is that with it hanging over one's center core, the shape forms a perimeter to keep evil from entering your being, while the small opening at the bottom allows for goodness to come up and into your core.  This Naja is solid Sterling silver.  And, it's made by one of the premier Navajo artisans, Calvin Martinez.  This pendant weighs a very respectable 44.3-grams, or 1.56-ounces.  The large bale will accommodate beads up to 9/16th-inches!  It doesn't come with a chain but we have a myriad of burnished sterling 'pearl' bead necklaces, such as the 6mm, 20-inch one pictured.  Call or text for info.  Martinez even put a nicely-fashion Sterling concho hanging inside the Naja.  This Naja is spectacular, and superbly crafted.  Hallmarked "C.MTZ" inside an arrowhead stamped on the back of the concho.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.