Classic Navajo shadowbox earrings with No. 8 Mine turquoise, by Lyanne Goodluck. #2149

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We've offered stunning, high-end earrings like this by Teddy Goodluck, Sr. in the past.  However, Mr. Goodluck, who was born in 1937, recently passed to the other side.  Both his father and grandfather were renowned Navajo silversmiths.  Long ago, his grandfather, Hosteen Goodluck, inspired other Dine' to begin pursuing silversmithing as a livelihood.  He was known for his shadowbox designs with delicate hand-stamping on the Sterling—like the earrings above.  Now his daughter, Lyanne, has taken-up her father's mantel and is producing some of the most stunning pieces around. Here, the classic shadowbox design with the gentle curved and raised surface creates a kind of three-dimensional appearance.  And like a protected treasure, elongated, triangular Number 8 Mine turquoise is carefully nestled within the shadowbox.  These classic beauties are 1.5-inches long, and a little over 1 and 1/8th's-inch at the widest point. Weight per earring is 6.9-grams, or .24-ounces.  Hallmarked "LG."  Always Priority shipping within the U.S.