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  • Classic Navajo Sterling cuff with ten square Sleeping Beauty stones, by Andy Cadman.—SALE PENDING

    SALE PENDING     The Drifter is always searching for trophy pieces.  This is a trophy piece.  If this cuff was just a tad larger, the Drifter would never take it off his arm.  He'd sleep with it on.  People, it hardly gets any better than this.  These stones cost an arm and a leg; the hand-stamping on the Sterling is as good as it gets, and Andy Cadman is a big name in the Native American jewelry world.  It weighs over a quarter-of-a-pound (4.53-ounces), and it will fit a lucky wrist circumference of seven inches—which is a woman's medium-large, or a man's small-to-medium.
    It is hallmarked "A. Cadman."