Navajo 18-inch Sterling "bar" necklace made of compressed turquoise, spiney oyster shell and bronze, by Donovan Skeets. #0986

We carry this "stone" in earrings, pendants, rings and two sizes of bar necklaces. These 18-inch (polished Sterling chain), 1.25-inch wide and 5/8th's-inch tall bar necklaces are a lot of bang for the buck. The Navajo buy this material in a compressed "brick" about the size of a house brick.  One of the well-known turquoise mines takes pieces of turquoise, spiney oyster shell and bronze and puts the mixture into a machine that applies huge amounts of pressure which turns these elements into a hardened brick.   We call it what the mine owners call it—turquoise, spiney and bronze mix.  Hallmarked "DS," which is Donovan Skeets.  Always free priority shipping.