• Custom-made 13-stone No. 8 Mine turquoise Navajo lariat necklace and earrings set, by Robert Shakey. #1923

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    The Drifter has remained busy coming-up with trophies like this during his lengthy hiatus earlier this year.  One doesn't just 'find' or curate (we dislike that overused, corny-sounding word!) pieces like this.  Notice the meticulous choice of larger No. 8 Mine turquoise stones with their near-matching copper matrix—all with Sterling rope surrounds.  Pieces like this generally have to be custom made, starting with the selection of stones and the choosing of a Native artisan worthy of the task.  And, we think you'll tend to find this lariat set priced a little less than anything even approaching the same quality.  That's what we do.  End-to-end length is 33-inches, but the remaining 4.5-inch drop will add that much to the total hang length.  Weight of the necklace itself is 195.6-grams, or 6.9-ounces.  Again, no lightweight tourist-quality curious items will do.  Even a heavier-duty, solid Sterling chain in old-style patina was chosen for this piece!  If you have been waiting for an exquisite, custom-made lariat set with higher-end turquoise at a somewhat affordable price, this is it.  Shipping is complimentary, via USPS tracked Priority box.  Enjoy.