• Dead-pawn multi-stone Navajo cuff with heavy silver by Nora Tahe Bill. #0677

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    This maker comes from Navajo jewelry-making royalty.  She hallmarks all of her excellent, thick pieces "NORA,"  and that's all she needs to say. Both the Tahe and the Bill family have deep-seeded roots in crafting of Navajo Sterling silver jewelry.  Her husband is Emerson Bill and her daughter is Elvira Bill—both outstanding artists.  This artsy cuff is very thick, and is a result of a technique pioneered by her husband in which two thick layers of silver are fused together.  Prior to the mating of the two layers of silver, the designs are cold-chiseled into the top layer.  When the top layer is then fused onto the bottom layer, the result is an illusion of very deep hand-stamping, when in effect it is an ingenious form of thick, double overlay that is almost impossible to adjust for size. This piece is capped-off with various colorful stones including a centerpiece of White Buffalo. Interestingly, here the artist created intricate lines with hand-stamping inside those channels that were created by the overlay technique.  Good stuff!   It will fit a woman with a larger wrist circumference of 7.25-inches.  Weight is almost three ounces (2.8-ounces) and as mentioned, it is simply hallmarked "NORA."