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Dead-pawn Navajo Sterling cuff with 26 Sleeping Beauty rectangular turquoise stones.



Square and rectangular stones are more difficult to successfully cut.  It's easier to grind a stone into a rounded shape than to create perfect corners (without the stone chipping-away).  And when you are working with turquoise as expensive and hard to procure as Sleeping Beauty, that is a problem.   The person that cut these beautiful stones knew what he or she was doing—they are all perfect.  The silversmithing follows suit.  This is another rare find.  It came out of a trading post pawn vault; hallmarked "TT."  It's an inch and 3/8's wide at the top, and weighs nearly three ounces (2.93-ounces).   This trophy find will strictly fit a person with a wrist circumference of seven inches.  Bending this to fit another size might disturb the integrity of the settings.  So get an inexpensive cloth tailor's tape at the dollar store and measure your wrist.  Maybe you'll get lucky!