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Older Zuni pawn pedi-point cluster cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise.


This beauty has some age on it.  Notice that a few of the stones are starting to get a greenish tint, which takes quite a few decades.  All the stones appear to be original and perfect.  Its wrist circumference is rather large at seven-inches and the weight is substantial at 2.44 ounces (it has much thicker Sterling framework than newer things).  This is one of these pieces that really passes the "feel" test.  It is hallmarked "AP."  Finding these rare birds has become next to impossible.  Where have they gone?  Europe; Asia, private collections here and, of course, many Native Americans, who--realizing their heritage of silversmithing is quickly fading as many of the older artists are passing and aren't being replaced by young people willing to learn the craft--are repurchasing these themselves and keeping them.  Enjoy.