• Delbert Gordon fancy Navajo cuff with Royston, Nevada turquoise. SOLD! #1866

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    SOLD!  This cuff has everything.  A famous maker; a beautiful and expensive Royston turquoise stone; crisp hand-stamping; reverse-stamped repousse'; hand-stamping on the inside—  and a competitive price for a top-tier example of Native American craftsmanship.  The total inside circumference of this cuff is 6 and 7/8th's-inches—including the 'gap'—which is a woman's medium-large.  Don't buy it to bend it or squeeze it, or try to expand it.  This is a nice piece.  It would be a shame to ruin it by bending it out of shape.  Get a tailor's measuring tape from a dollar-type store and please measure your wrist around the wrist bone.  The wearer needs to have a total wrist circumference of 6.75-inches to 6 and 7/8th's-inches.  Measure twice; buy once.  The oval Royston stone is 1.75-inches long, and the consistent width of the cuff is three-quarters-of-an-inch, except where the bezel hangs over slightly on each side.  Weight is 83-grams, or 2.93-ounces.  It has Delbert's ingenious hallmark on the back, where the D is part of a spur.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.