Domed Sterling Navajo studs with hand-stamped Kokopelli figures. #1654

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The Drifter kinda moved away from the Kokopelli craze after moving away from the Santa Fe area many years ago.  Yet here's the little dude again.  Stories abound regarding the pesky Kokopelli.  Kokopelli means "flute player," and he is always portrayed with flute in hand.  He is also always portrayed as being frail and hunchback.  So it is no wonder that, ages ago, when the braves of the village embarked on a long hunt, they insisted he stay behind with the women and children.  But when the braves returned to the village a couple of moons later, turns-out all the women in the village had become pregnant.  Some people refer to him as 'Sancho.'  He is the spirit of fertility—in both childbirth and agriculture.  These quarter-size solid-Sterling earrings are domed—thus giving them a more three-dimensional appearance and garnering light from many more angles.  They are older pieces and utilize thicker-gauge silver, with an older satiny patina.  Each earring here weighs 4.3-grams, or .15-ounces.  Hallmarked.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.