Turquoise and spiney oyster-shell Navajo earrings. #2318a

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 You may come across similar earrings this month at the Santa Fe Indian Market, held since 1922.  But they will likely be much more expensive. Here we have a pair of luscious two-piece earrings that will make the most discerning wearer of Native American jewelry proud.  These earrings have been rubbed into a satiny, old-style patina on the Sterling, and have sawtooth bezeling as well.  The orange spiney oyster-shell contrasts nicely with the blue of the turquoise.  They are two-inches long and 5/8th's-of-an-inch wide near the bottom.  Each earring weighs 7-grams, or .25-inches.  Hallmarked "J," which is the stamp of Navajo silversmith Jason Livingston. Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.