• Eugene Hale' full-size, large bead Sterling Navajo squash-blossom necklace with stamped blossoms and single turquoise stone. SOLD! #2405

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    SOLD!  This ain't no gimpy, lightweight, miniature, play-like squash-blossom necklace.  It's the real deal.  They'll see you comin' when you wear this beauty.  Those beads are big as cannonballs.  And look a little closer to see all the hand-stamping on every blossom.  How the heck did he do that? Undoubtedly, they were stamped prior to rolling them into a blossom.  Eugene Hale has been making these for many years, so he's well-practiced at it.  He used to sell 'em for a lot less—about ten years ago!  End-to-end length is 29-inches, with a finely-cast Naja that adds 2.75-inches to the hang length.  That Naja sports a bright blue Kingman turquoise stone.  This squash weighs an impressive 249-grams, or 8.75-ounces, and is hallmarked "E.Hale" on the back of the Naja.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  When you're ready...