• Finely crafted Michael Calladitto' Navajo large-bale pendant in old-style patina. #2471

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    Please note:  No chain is included with this pendant.  As an option, however, the pictured 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling bead chain (aka "Navajo pearls) can be added to your order for an additional cost of $140 when bought with the pendant.  To exercise this option call or text prior to purchase and we'll change the above price to reflect the addition of the pictured bead chain.

    One is as likely to find Michael Calladitto's work in a gallery as in a shop.  His finite style of silversmithing is superb.  And he chooses his stones wisely as well.  Including the perfectly round, 5/8th's-inch inside diameter ornate bale, this pendant is 3.25-inches long.  It is 1.25-inches across at the widest point.  Weight is 38-grams, or 1.34-ounces.  It sports a luscious blue teardrop-shaped Kingman, Arizona cabochon with colorful copper matrix.  This piece looks and feels outstanding.  Hallmarked with Calladitto's "MC," stamped onto the solid Sterling back plate.   Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy!