Freddie Maloney' Sonoran Rose turquoise Naja with 'swinging wreath.' SOLD! #2414

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Note:  The pictured 8mm, 20-inch Sterling bead chain is optional for an additional $125 if bought at same time as the Naja.  Call or text prior to purchase to exercise this option.                                 

SOLD!  Looking for that special-something to wear on the red carpet at this year's Academy Awards?  This super-stunning piece of Native American wearable art is up to the task. Silversmithing is top-notch and those 23 pieces of Sonoran Rose turquoise radiate hues of blue.  That "swinging wreath" in the middle is icing on the cake.   There's a lot of mystique associated with a Naja.  They say indigenous artisans fashioned it after the crescent-shaped amulet that was part of the bridle on Spanish Conquistador's horses.  We were told by a more contemporary Dine' artisan that the horseshoe-shaped arch forms a perimeter guard against evil influence whilst the more narrow opening at the bottom allows goodness to come up and into one's center core.  We like that idea.  Any consideration of this beauty's size should include the artful, delicately-stamped 3/8th's-inch inside-diameter bale.  Including that bale this Naja is 5 and 1/8th-inches tall!  It is 3 and 1/8th-inches wide across the middle.  Weight of the Naja is an impressive 85-grams, or 3-ounces.  Hallmarked with Freddie's stamped horseshoe with an "F" inside.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy and walk with goodness in your heart.