• Garrett Hale' wider, finely-stamped Navajo turquoise cuff. SOLD! #2347

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    SOLD! This dazzling cuff is made for a slightly smaller wrist size.  The total inside circumference—including the one-inch 'gap'—is 6.25-inches, meaning it will properly fit a person with a 6 and 1/8th to a 6 and 3/8th's-inch wrist circumference—measured around the wrist bone.  If you've followed our postings, you already know that we very strongly recommend selecting a cuff that actually fits.  Flimsy, lightweight touristy cuffs are easily bent out of shape to suit the wearer, but that's not the case with a more substantial, collectable-quality cuff.  You don't want to chance ruining a nice cuff by trying to re-shape it into a size the maker didn't intend it to be.  Invest a buck or two at a dollar-type store and buy a cloth tailor's measuring tape.  Then measure twice; buy once.  Anyway, this is a 1.5-inch wide cuff, except the stone setting is 1 and 7/8th's inches across.  The artist hand-stamped various designs on the Sterling from end-to-end, and he topped his work off with a mystical-looking blue Turquoise Mountain mine stone.  Weight is a respectable 74-4 grams, or 2.73-ounces.  Hallmarked GHALE, with the "G" in a larger, italic font.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.   Enjoy!