• Gilbert Tom' deep-stamped, heavy silver Navajo trophy cuff. SOLD! #2133

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    SOLD!  Now THIS is a trophy cuff!  Custom-made and oozing with quality and allure.  It's made with thick-gauge Sterling and embellished with beautiful Royston turquoise and artful, deep hand-stamping by master Navajo silversmith Gilbert Tom.  It is 1.75-inches wide, with scalloped edges (more time consuming to make but well worth it).  Gilbert made this for the Drifter some years ago, who then socked it away in his 'keeper' drawer.  It weighs a very impressive 134-grams, or 4.73-ounces.  Total inside circumference—including the 'gap'—is 6 and 5/8th's-inches.  It's too thick and strong to change the size, so the wearer needs to have a total wrist circumference (measured around the wristbone) of 6.5-inches to 6.75-inches—no more; no less.  Get a tailor's measuring tape at a Dollar-type store and measure first to be confident of a perfect fit.  Nice cuffs look and feel so much better when they fit properly!  Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom" in cursive.  This cuff was made when silver and turquoise were less expensive, as was Gilbert's time—all of which influence the price above.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.