• Gilbert Tom' hand-stamped and repousse' Navajo cuff for medium/small wrist. #2404a

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    Here's another holdback piece from back when we were able to get lots of things from Gilbert.  'Haven't seen him in a while—and really miss him.   Look at all the tiny, intricate hand-stamping all the way around the cuff.  Then he topped it off with a few pieces of reverse-stamped repousse' on either side of that stunningly beautiful turquoise stone (likely No. 8 Mine).  Total inside  circumference here is 6 and 3/8th's-inches, including the one-inch gap.  And as usual we highly suggest never, ever, bending a nice cuff like this to fit.  The wearer needs a wrist size (measured around the wrist bone) of 6.25-inches up to 6.5-inches.  No more of no less.  Measure twice; buy once.  The stone and the setting is one-inch lengthwise and a hair over three-quarters-of-an-inch widthwise.  Width of the cuff itself is .75-inches throughout.   Hallmarked "Gilbert Tom."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.