• Gold and Sterling Navajo tortoise pendant by T&R Singer. With Sterling box chain. #2449

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    In Navajo lore, the tortoise symbolizes strength, endurance and wisdom.  And it's cunning enough to outwit its enemies.  Wow.  We could use a few of 'em around here. How much do they eat, anyway?  This witty creature pendant is 2.25-inches—not counting the 9/16th's-inch inside diameter bale.  Counting the bale it is three-inches long.  It is 1.5-inches across at the widest point.  Weight of the pendant is 15.2-grams, or .53-ounces.  This piece is made using the design, template and tools of the legendary Tommy Singer, who passed to the other side in 2014.  The same exacting crafting is now being performed by Tommy's widow, Rose (Rosita) and his daughter Charlene and son-in-law Allen.  Knowing the Singers, maybe a few other members are contributing at this point.  They use actual gold-fill—just like Tommy did.  Maybe not so apparent from the photo, the shell has a convex arc to it—with gives the piece a three-dimensional look when worn.  Hallmarked "T&R Singer."  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.