Golden Hills turquoise pendant with predominate repousse' silversmithing. #1202


Dynamite things come in small packages, or something like that.  This is certainly a special pendant.  Not only is it set with a beautiful piece of the expensive and sought-after Golden Hills (or is it Golden Hill? Whatever.) turquoise, but the crafty silversmith employed the difficult reverse-stamped repoussse' to surround the stone and even to highlight the bale.  Nice. Real nice.  It is a little longer than the pictured quarter—1.5-inches not counting the bale, and it is 1 and 1/8th-inches across at the widest point.  Weight without the pictured chain, which is an 18-inch, solid Sterling box chain, is 18.1-grams, or .635-ounces.  Hallmarked. Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.