Hank Vandever' heavy-silver traditional hand-stamped Navajo cuff with Kingman turquoise and reverse-stamped repousse' #1679

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Hank Vandever and the Drifter have a few things in common.  They've both been around a long time and they both embrace exquisite heavy-silver, traditional Navajo jewelry—like that exemplified by the cuff above.  This baby weighs-in at four-ounces even.  It has very detailed hand-stamping on the wide Sterling flange around the stone; it has an intricate fluted bezel, and it has 16-pieces of time-consuming, reverse-stamped repousse'—eight on each side.  And, it has a beautiful blue Kingman turquoise stone big enough to block a highway.  The total inside circumference (including the 'gap' in the cuff) is 6 and 1/4th-inches.  Thus, a six and 1/8th-inch or six and 1/4th-inch total wrist circumference (measured around the wristband) is perfect (Perhaps a six-inch if you like it loose).  Don't think that you can buy it to shape it into a different size, this is thick-gauge Sterling and it ain't budging.  Measured across the top—lengthwise—it is 2.75-inches.  The hallmark is an "H," with an elongated fish symbol, then a "V."  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.  Currently we are shipping 'same day' if ordered by noon CST weekdays (but that can change to 'next day' without notice if we get swamped).