• Hank Vandever' Kingman turquoise, exquisite, Navajo cuff. #2420,

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    This beauty is made by a very renowned Navajo artisan, and understandably, extremely well-made.  It is a thick-gauge Sterling, very substantial cuff weighing a whopping four ounces.  Total inside circumference here is 6 and 3/8th's-inchesincluding the 15/16th's-inch 'gap.'   The thick, sturdy build won't lend well to altering the size, so the wearer needs a wrist circumference of 6.25-to 6.5-inch wrist circumference—measured around the wrist bone.  It is 2.5-inches lengthwise across the face, and almost 1.75-inches-wide across the face.  Vandever utilized his signature finely-fluted bezeling, along with a rope surround, then he presented the stone and bezeling on an intricately hand-stamped, double-thickness Sterling plate for us to enjoy.  Look closely and notice a total of 12 scalloped-shaped pieces of reverse-stamped repousse' placed around the plate and atop the side garnishments.  There's tourist quality and there's works of art, and it's easily discernible that this masterpiece is the latter.  Hallmarked underneath with Vandever's "H" and "V"—separated by a fish symbol.  Wear it to the NFR or to Carnegie Hall.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.