Heavy-silver, dead-pawn classic Navajo cuff with Sleeping Beauty turquoise. #1307


This is the quintessential Native cuff that really does look equally good on either a man or a woman. And no photo can do this classic, collectable Navajo cuff justice, for the same reason that no reputable dealer. IMHO, would appraise a piece of Native American jewelry from a photo. Those in the business, and those who have been collecting Native jewelry for awhile, realize that pieces—and cuffs in particular—have a certain "feel" when it is both held, and when it is worn.  Early on we used to describe whether a particular piece passes the "feel test."  This cuff passes the feel test in flying colors.  It's older, but not quite old enough for the Sleeping Beauty stones to start changing to a slightly greener hue (maybe another decade or so).  It's built with a very thick gauge Sterling framework that once was common when silver was three to five bucks per ounce.  It is a seven-inch-even total inside circumferenceinluding the "gap" in the cuff.  It is 1.5-inches across at the top.  Weight is 93-grams, or 3.28-ounceswhich is a very, very respectable weight. If it was up to the Drifter (which it actually is) we would only offer cuffs with considerable weight and thickness like this.  But those cuffs are quickly disappearing, or being priced out-of-sight.  Only a few fortunate enough to score a cuff like this today.  Enjoy.  Always complimentary shipping within the U.S.