Heavy silver deep-cut Navajo man's cuff by Jerrold Tahe. #1735

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This nearly four-ounce cuff is not for weenies.  It's big and bold and too thick to bend.  Total inside circumference of this Tonka truck cuff is 7.75-inches, which is a man's medium-large, tending toward large.  The Drifter has a 7.25-inch wrist and try-as-he-might, it's just a little too large.  For a guy with a 7.5-inch to a 7 and 7/8th's wrist circumference, this will make a happy daddy come June 20th.  It has very deep cuts, or, perhaps it is double overlay.  It's done so well it's hard to tell.  Width is 3/4-inch except at each end, where it flairs a bit.  It is a full one-eighth-inch thick, and weighs 108.2-grams, or 3.83-ounces.  Hallmarked.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S. only.