• Smaller wrist-size, heavy silver, older Navajo turquoise row cuff, by J. Tso. #2112

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     This very classic, very traditional row cuff is like what you used to see (and sometimes still do) on the billboards on old Route 66, or interstates 40 or 20, advertising "Indian" jewelry.  Row cuffs are quintessential fare for the Native American silversmith, but the thick-gauge heavy silver ones are few and far between today.  The last photo above was taken prior to a light cleaning of this one.  We've had it awhile, having acquired out of an old trading post at the edge of the Navajo reservation in Arizona.  The total inside circumference is 6 and 1/8-inches—including the gap.  It's too thick and strong to bend (we wouldn't do that anyway!), so the wearer needs to have a total wrist circumference—measured around the wrist bone—of 6 to 6.25-inches.  No more, no less.  That's basically a woman's small wrist size (but not tiny like a 5.5-inch).  It's an older cuff, but again, not  true 'vintage.'  True vintage, in regards to Native American jewelry, must be made during the 1960's or prior.  Some dealers play fast and loose with that term, but we don't.  The turquoise—which appears to be from the Sleeping Beauty mine—is too blue to be 50 years old.  The hallmark of "J Tso" is perhaps Justin Tso—who was born in 1948.  This cuff is one-inch wide and weighs 73-grams, or 2.6-ounces.  As usual, we offer complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.