• Heavy silver Royston turquoise Navajo cuff by Terry Martinez. #2371

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    Yet another trophy piece from one of the Martinez clan.  Terry Martinez, brother of Calvin Martinez, has won many awards for his traditional Navajo jewelry.  He uses premium, more expensive turquoise—like this large, stunning Royston Nevada stone--and thick-gauge Sterling silver.  This trophy cuff exemplifies the artisan's penchant for perfection.  And, it will look equally great on a man or a woman.  It's a very substantial piece of work, weighing 215-grams, or 7.58-ounces.  Nothing stingy about what went-in to this beauty.  Elsewhere, it might cost a thousand dollars more.  Total inside circumference, including the 1.25-inch 'gap,' is 7 and 1/8th-inches (a smaller-to-medium mens' or a larger womens' size).  The wearer should have a 7 to 7.25-inch wrist circumference, measured around the wrist bone.  It ain't 'gonna bend so buy it to fit.  Measure twice; buy once.  Hallmarked "Terry Martinez" in cursive stamp just inside the terminus of the cuff on the left side.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy the heck out of wearing this trophy!