Kingman turquoise Navajo bar-style pendant with reverse-stamped repousse' by Jeff James. #2152

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We're 'kinda particular about choosing items to post here.  We pretty-much abhor relying on phone snapshots or videos when acquiring our wares.  We've tried that a few times and have never really been satisfied with the results.  We like to see the piece in person—'feel the weight; 'check for imperfections.  Moreover, the piece has to grab our attention and delight.  It's gotta be something we'd wear or present to our mother, RIP.  The pendant above has all that.  It looks good and it feels good.  And, it has a more expensive, heavy-duty attached chain as well.  Reverse-stamped repousse' is always a plus when its done right as it is here.  Everything about this pendant just 'clicks.'  It's 2.25-inches long, and almost 1 and 5/8th's-inches across at the widest point.  End-to-end it is 17-inches long, so it will hang a little high—but not 'choker'-length high.  Weight is 35-grams, or 1.22-ounces.  Hallmarked on the solid back "JJJ" in a slightly descending manner.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.