• Large Ray Jack nighttime sky inlay pendant (bead chain optional at additional cost). SOLD! #2396

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    SOLD!  Please note this pendant does not include a chain, but the pictured 6mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling bead ('pearl') chain can added to your order for an additional $110 when bought at the same time as the pendant.  Call or text prior and we can change the price above to reflect the optional bead chain to your order.

    This is a large pendant.  Not counting the half-inch inside diameter bale with the orange spiney oyster-shell setting, the pendant itself is 2.5-inches lengthwise.  It is 2 and 1/8th-inches across at the widest part, and it's a quarter-inch thick.  There are lots of Sterling silver dot "stars" inlaid into the black jet (or maybe onyx) "sky," and the kachina figurehead has several hues of turquoise and more orange spiney oyster-shell.  Hallmarked "RAY JACK" in all caps.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.  Enjoy.