• Large wrist size older Navajo cuff all-original Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. #2359a

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    For either a man or a woman with about an eight-inch circumference wrist, and who appreciates the craftsmanship and design of older Navajo jewelry (and Sleeping Beauty turquoise!), this classic cuff might perk your interest.  Total inside circumference here is 7 and 7/8th's, so it will perfectly fit someone with a 7.75-inch to an 8-inch wrist—measured around the wrist bone.  Because true, genuine vintage is pre-1970, this misses the mark a bit.  The blue of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise here is still true—having not aged to the point of attaining a greener hue.  That takes about 50-years.  But it's certainly no spring chicken.  We attained many years ago at one of the old trading posts just off the Navajo Rez.  Our expensive camera lens picks up a fine line in one of the stones that is likely a fissure or very tiny crack, but it's hardly noticeable to the eye—especially when worn.  But if it weren't there at all the cuff would be much more expensive.  If you buy it and that displeases you just send her back for a full refund.  It won't, though.  This cuff is 2 and 1/8th-inches across at the top, and tapers to 3/8th's-of-an-inch on each end.  Weight is a very respectable 100-grams, or 3.53-ounces.  It was obviously made to wear versus being made to sell as evidenced by lack of a hallmark.  Native American artisans didn't hallmark their wares until white traders began insisting on such in order to market them.  Some artisans refused to do so and many never hallmarked their personal jewelry.  This is a nice, heavy-made piece at a very reasonable price (almost a steal given today's prices!).  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.