• Slightly larger version of Effie Calavasa's signature snake earrings with turquoise and coral. #0788


    Zuni legend Effie Calavasa famously went all the to the Supreme Court to protect her designs from offshore imitation.  These are the real deal, and a little different in that they are a little larger than you usually encounter.  Unless this is your first rodeo you probably realize Effie Calavaza's three daughters take part in the making of her jewelry these days though she is still active in the endeavor as well.  Effie was born in 1928, and started-in on her snake designs in the 1950's.  Her jewelry is timeless and consistent in its design.  There are a lot of these earrings around, but most are of a bit smaller scale.  These are about 1/3 larger.  Each earring weighs .15-ounces and is slightly longer than .75-inches.  Hallmarked "EFFIE C," atop the word "ZUNI."  They ship with the standard Sterling post clip along with a pair of plastic clips that grip the post better.  Always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.