• Larger wrist-size Navajo pawn cuff with eleven Sleeping Beauty turquoise stones. #0493

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      With eleven Sleeping Beauty-mine turquoise stones that are worth the price of the piece itself, this high price is, in reality, a bargain.  When the Sleeping Beauty mine was destroyed in August of 2012 to get to the copper formation it covered, it was by-far the most popular stone of Native American craftspeople.  It ranged from a clear, sky blue to a sky-blue with iron-ore matrix within—like that pictured above.  The Drifter has always preferred seeing an interesting "matrix" within the stone, thus all the Sleeping Beauty on this site will contain a nice peppering of iron ore within the stone.  Needless to say, the price of Sleeping Beauty has risen ten-fold, to where a Sleeping Beauty stone like each one of these pictured—if it can be procured at all—will be around $60.  This cuff will fit a medium sized man's wrist or a larger sized woman's wrist at 7.5-inch wrist circumference (measurement includes the "gap" in the cuff).  It weighs two-and-a-half ounces and is barely shy of .75-inch all the way to the tapered ends.  This cuff looks to be made in the 70's or 80's and is hallmarked, "FN."