• Lloyd Becenti double-overlay Sterling equestrian-scene Navajo cuff. #0805

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    If you've been buying or selling Navajo Jewelry for awhile, you know about Floyd and Lloyd—the Becenti brothers.  Unfortunately, Floyd has passed to the other side.  But Lloyd continues making this great horse art.  The Drifter has in the past dealt in several of Lloyd's wonderful concho belts with different scenes of horses on each concho—expensive, but well worth it if you are a horse lover.  Anyway, here is a wonderfully crafted cuff with double-overlap scenes on both the inside and the outside of the cuff, and with the ends of the cuff having a cut-out of an Appaloosa's magnificent head (one can tell that the horses here are Appaloosas by the stamped-in spots on the horses' hind quarters).  The total inside circumference—including the 'gap'—is  is 6-and-3/8th's-inches.  It absolutely can't adjust any smaller.  So 6 and 3/8th's to 6.5-inches is the wrist size for this cuff.   Weight is 1.8-ounces, and the uniform width is a tad over 3/4's-of-an-inch.  The hallmark is Lloyd's age-old hallmark, "BCT," for Becenti.  Lasso this one while you can.