• Magnificent older Navajo squash-blossom necklace with turquoise and Mediterranean red coral. #1914

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    Tempting though as it is to label this as vintage, since it has most of the earmarks, we are sticklers about accuracy.  And "vintage" is currently the most misused term in regards to Native American jewelry.  Native American jewelry made prior to the advent of mass producing tools and techniques in the early 70's is what actually denotes "vintage"—not some piece of used jewelry that's simply tarnished and labeled "vintage" to help it sell. This squash is old but not enough so to be the 50-year status to be legitimately considered "vintage, or else the bright blue of the Sleeping Beauty turquoise would have begun changing to a greenish hue—unless somebody changed-out all those stones, which appears unlikely.  But it's getting there. Notice those irregularly-sized hand-stamped beads.  Notice the detail and the authentically aged patina.  And all that work.  She's a beauty.  Real, quality squash-blossom necklaces are substantial.  This one weighs 315-grams, or 11.12-ounces!  End-to-end length is 29.75-inches.  The 2.75-inch drop of that big Naja adds another 2.75-inches to the drop-down length.  And oh, that drop inside the Naja is reversible, with turquoise on one side and coral on the other.  Clearly hallmarked "TJB(see 2nd pic)."  Enjoy.  We prefer keeping this excellent example of Native Americana in the U.S.A.  Complimentary USPS Priority shipping within the U.S.