• Marcus Chavez Navajo trophy cuff with 29 turquoise stones. #2323a

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    Marcus Chavez separates the wheat from the chaff, don't you think?  Everything he makes is a cut above.  You can wear this wherever the heck you want—they'll step aside for you.  This beautiful cuff is a trophy indeed.  It needs to fit and not be bent.  Total inside circumference is 6.5-inches—including the one-inch gap.  Thus, it will fit someone with a 6 and 3/8th's up to a 6 and 5/8th's-inch wrist (measured around the wrist bone).  Measure twice; buy once.  If you know quality Native American jewelry, you know this would cost a lot more elsewhere.  Weight is a very impressive 120-grams, or 4.23-ounces.  Prominently hallmarked "MARCUS C" on the inside of the cuff.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.