Mary Cayatineto' Navajo Yei Naja with spiney-oyster and turquoise (shown w/optional 8mm, 20-inch Sterling bead necklace). SOLD!#2156

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SOLD!  Yei is short for Yeibichai—meaning "Holy People."  It's said the Yei mediates between humans and the Great Spirit.  Long ago, Yei figures were only depicted in sand paintings done on the ground during sacred ceremonies and wiped-away afterward.  Later, when the Yei began appearing in hand-woven Navajo rugs—and eventually in jewelry—the elders were concerned about the symbol moving from sacred ritual to commercialization.  But alas, the Yei 'was out of the box' forever.  The Naja is the end-piece of a squash-blossom necklace, but is often worn by itself as well.  People err in calling it a 'horseshoe'—which it is not.  The story I've been told for decades is that the rainbow shape forms a perimeter, keeping evil away from the wearer's center core, while the small opening at the bottom allows for goodness to come up and into one's center being.  This Cayatineto piece represents all the above extremely well.  She casted the Sterling nicely and added just enough eye-color with the harder-to-find mahogany-colored spiney-oyster shell, and and the two Kingman turquoise pieces.  The ornate, hand-stamped bale will accommodate beads up to 5/8th's-inches in diameter!  Not counting that bale, the Naja is two-inches tall.  It is 2.25-inches across and weighs 34-grams, or 1.19-ounces.  Hallmarked "mc."  A chain is not included, but the pictured 8mm, 20-inch burnished Sterling 'pearl' bead chain can be added to the order for an additional $150 if ordered at the same time as the Naja.  Call or text prior to ordering and we will change the price above to reflect the addition of the bead chain.  Complimentary USPS tracked Priority shipping within the U.S.