Michael Calladitto' Navajo ladies pawn watchband with 14 pieces of Mediterranean blood-red coral. #1466

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Your don't see this everyday.  A nice, slightly thicker-gauge ladies Navajo watchband with all this beautiful red coral.  And, made by Michael Calladitto!  With the included watch, it not only looks rich and sharp, it tells the time as well.  What a novel idea!  Put that smartphone away.  Total wrist circumference needed to wear this is 6.25-inches (which includes the 'gap' as well).  Don't buy it to bend it—it has too many settings that might be affected by reshaping.  Measure twice: buy once.  The Drifter acquired this from a pawn vault about 15-years ago—long before the meteoric rise in the price of coral.  It is hallmarked "MC." Nice.  And always complimentary Priority shipping within the U.S.